Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #43 "Killer Legends"

Oh great, I get to watch "Cropsey 2" and I didn't even know it.  Wonderful.  For those who don't know, I wasn't a fan of the documentary "Cropsey."  It rambled on and went nowhere, and wound up being a bunch of random information thrown together that never came to a conclusion of any kind and exploited a bunch of real people in service of the "story" the people who made the documentary wete trying to tell.  Spare me.  I thought that this documentary sounded interesting, supposedly exploring the "true stilories" that inspired some infamous urban legends.  Imagine my surprise when I started watching the documentary and heard the same annoying, stilted narration that I recognized from "Cropsey."  Oh joy.

This movie is better than Cropsey.  This one has an actual story (more than one, really) but the individual chapters that explore the various stories behind the legends actually move in a direction toward a conclusion, they don't just wander around going nowhere for two hours, so in that respect at least this movie has a point.  The same problems that Cropsey had plague this movie, though.

The filmmakers are up to the same tricks, filming people without their knowledge (and getting caught doing so in one scene, and then just laughing about it.  Charming).  They do knock on people's doors and tell them stories about murders that supposedly happened in their area, which is sensationalist and really doesn't accomplish anything (even one of the filmmakers speaks up and seems to agree with me, but then they go and do it snyway.  So much for having a conscience).

There's also footage of the filmmakers standing around in the dark holding crime scene photos, trying to figure out exactly where certain deaths occurred in certain areas, which is pointless filler, but that's none of my business.  Among these pointless scenes and exploitative interviews, though, there is actual information given and actual crimes are investigated, so we do get a sense of how these legends grew.  I'm not sure the end justifies the means, though, and I'd like to see these stories explored by some filmmakers with talent and integrity.  That would be a movie worth watching.

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