Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #84 "A Haunted House 2"

I liked the first of these movies.  Yes, it was silly and stupid, but sometimes I LIKE silly and stupid.  I've seen all the horror movies it mocks, so it's fun sometimes to sit back and laugh at something that creeped me out.  At the end of the first movie, Malcom and his wife Keisha met an end much like the characters at the end of Paranormal Activity, so I wondered how they were going to continue the story in this movie.

The beginning of this movie gets to finish the story while also skewering "The Devil Inside," so I appreciated that.  Then we move into the main story, and Malcolm is moving into a house with his new wife Megan and her two kids.  This movie has some really funny scenes that mock the movie "Sinister," as well as some less successful jokes mocking other movies.  This movie is a mixed bag, some funny and some stupid, but I enjoyed it about as much as the original.

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