Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #42 "From the Dark"

I continue here with my fine longstanding tradition of watching movies that everyone else hates, hoping to be the lonely exception,  the one person who likes the movie.  Contrary to popular beluef, I don't JUST watch movies because everyone else hates them, though it might look that way.  I actually just add movies to my wstch list if the plots sound good, and those movies usually turn out to b ed movies that most people hate.  It would be nice for a change if I liked more movies that other people actually enjoy, but that alternate universe is out of my reach, so here we are.

This movie is about a couple who go on a romantic getaway and wind up running afoul of s creature that only attacks at night.  That's it, I'm never going on a romantic getaway.  It's just not safe.  Not to mention that again this movie features a couple who do nothing but fight and don't seem to like each other much.  Why are they dating again?  I didn't like either of them much, either, so the beginning of the movie is kind of a chore to get through.

Once things start happening, though, the movie gets better.  The characters make some bonehead moves, but that happens a lot in these movies, and watching th r m stumble around in the darkness is creepy.  The creature looks cheaply made, but it's almost always in shadow, so that works for me.  The movie isn't great, but it's short enough that it never overstay its welcome, and I  had fun with it.

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