Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #86 "Come Back to Me"

I decided that I really only want to watch good movies from now on, or at least for awhile, so I turned to this movie, which seems to have higher ratings than most of the ones on my list, and Netflix gave it a pretty high rating for me, meaning they think I'll like it, which is always a bonus.  I love that poster, too.

The description of this movie intrigues me.  A young wife suffers blackouts, and strange things seem to happen while she's out if it, so she sets up cameras around her house trying to see if she can figure out what's going on, but the footage reveals a terrifying secret.  This movie plays on my fears of setting up a camera in my home and recording scary things.   I blame "Paranormal Activity" for this fear, mostly.  Damn movie screwed me up and convinced me that horrible things are going on in my apartment while I skeep, and if I ever try to capture them on film, I will anger the demons that are haunting me.

In this movie, it's not demons that are the problem, it's humans (way scarier if you ask me).  I really like the main character, Sarah.  I want to kick her husband off a cliff, but he's played by a good actor who does a good job making me want to stab the character.  Sarah's best friend is also good.  I liked how she was a good friend to Sarah.  The creepy next door neighbor is played by a good actor who makes the character genuinely scary, too.  Lots of good characters and actors here.  My nerves were shot before she even put up the cameras, so this movie does a good job getting under my skin.  Of course, there's a twist that even I didn't see coming, but the movie makes it work.  I really liked this one.

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