Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #13 "The Mirror"

So this is a found footage horror flick from 2014 about a group of 20 - somethings who enter a paranormal video challenge hoping to win a million dollars.  They buy a supposedly haunted mirror on ebay, and they film their experiences with it in hopes of catching some evidence of paranormal activity on camera.  Netflix kept recommending this movie to me, but they also predicted I'd only give it one star, so I was intrigued to see if I'd actually like it.

I liked the characters right away.  Some of them believe in ghost and some dont, but they all seem to be decent people.  The setup of the movie also explains why they don't just get rid of the mirror when weird stuff starts happening.  That's the point, right?  They need the money, and they don't realize they're in real danger until it's too late.

I would never bring a haunted mirrir into ky house, not even for a million dollars, but then I have a thing about mirrors.  I have since I was a kid.  The idea that they could reflect something evil has always kind of scared me, so movies like this are right up my alley.  Most people seem to be getting tired of found footage movies, but I still enjoy them.  This movie isn't perfect, but it's definitely worth more than a one star rating.

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