Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #55 "Wolfcop"

This is another movie people have been blabbering on about, praising it zealously, which like I've said before usually makes me suspicious.  It's about a racist, sexist, alcoholic dickhead of a cop who turns into a werewolf and suddenly starts caring about his job and doing it better. It's an interesting premise, but again, I'm always wary of movies that are hyped up like this.

At first I thought the acting was terrible, but after a bit, I just saw the lead character as distant and removed from his life, not so much a bad actor as a decent actor playing a guy who doesn't care much about anything.  Oddly enough, once he gets turned into a werewolf, he starts to care more.  Funny how that works.  He investigates, hoping to find out what happened to him and if there's any way to reverse it.

While Wolfe boy gets more likeable after he becomes a werewolf, he's really the most likeable character in the movie, since all the other cops are assholes.  Except the only woman.  She seems like kind of a bitch, but she's been dealing with alkie the asshole cop for years so she may be entitled.  The town crazy guy who is supposed to be comic relief is kind of annoying, but I got used to him after awhile, and as the only one who knows our werewolf's secret, he is on the best position to help the guy.

The werewolf effects are mostly in shadow, to hide the lack of a budget, methinks, but what we see works (until we see it head on in good lighting, and then it just looks really stupid).  There's also some good gore, both from werewolf attacks and from human attacks (humans being the much scarier monsters here).  I don't know if I agree that this movie is great, but I definitely liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

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