Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #63 "Inner Demons"

This is one of those movies that comes highly recommended from Netflix, they were oretty sure I'd like it and give it at least 4 stars, so I was interested in checking it out, whether other people seem to like it or not.  The plot is about this college girl named Carson, good kid, who develops an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Her family and friends convince her to go to rehab, but her behavior gets worse and seems to become more sinister.  Is she possessed by something evil or is it just addiction?

The setup of the movie is "found footage," and Carson ' s friends and family have convinced her that she's participating in an educational reality show about addiction when in reality they are planning an intervention to convince her to go to tehab.  The footage really dies make it look like we're watching an episode of the show "Intervention."  They did a good job with that aspect.

The description of the movie makes it sound like the girl came back from rehab possessed, but that's not exactly what's going on.  I actually think it was pretty clever the way the actress portrayed the character and handled the situation.  I think the character knew all along what was going on with her, but those around her don't understand what they're dealing with, because a lot of the "signs of demonic possession" are also signs of withdrawal from drugs (vomiting, seizures, apparent superhuman strength).  They think they know what's real answer what's not, that what's possessing Carson is not addiction but something more terrifying.  They don't know the truth.  But oh will they learn.

The scenes from rehab with Carson getting progressively worse are well done.  It's the same demonic show we get in all demonic possession movies, but with the "found footage" aspect, it's just the acting ability without the accompanying song and dance and special effects that can get in the way.  It feels more real to me, seeing it done this way.  I felt like it dragged a little too long there near the ebd, but then it came back with a vengeance and kicked my ass with sn ending thst I thought was great, so all is forgiven.  Well done, folks.

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