Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #59 "Late Phases"

Somehow I always manage to stumble on the made for TV and/or DTV werewolf movies every year for this challenge.  I really don't mind, either, because I usually end up liking them.  Such is my life.  I'm fun at parties.  Anyway, this movie is about a blind Vietnam veteran who moves into a small town where he charms all his neighbors with his cranky attitude.  This guy songs more like me every monute.  Anyway, strange "dog attacks" start happening in town, and he begins to believe something evil is afoot.  Of course no one believes him, so he has to fight it alone.  Werewolf-y hijinks ensue.

Like I said, the cranky old guy reminds me of myself.  Despite his piss attitude, he's still a likeable character, and I was rooting for him.  Plus I love his dog.  I like dogs better than most humans anyway.  There's not a lot of gore, but it's got some pretty tense moments.  It also surprised me how emotional the movie made me.  I teared up more than once.  Stupid werewolf movie, making me cry.  I guess since I like this movie, everyone else will hate it, but for me it was well worth watching.

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