Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 October Horror Challenge #2 "The Houses October Built"

I've been waiting all year to watch this movie.  I wanted to watch it as soon as I first heard of it, because it sounded right up my alley, but I try to reserve all my horror watching for October, so I (rather impatiently) waited for October to finally let myself see it.

This is another "found footage" horror movie, which I tend to like, and it's about some horror geek friends who decide to go on a road trip and document their experience with various "Haunted house" attractions around Halloween.  I love horror movies and novels and TV shows, basically any horror - related media, but I tend to startle easily, so actual live-action haunted house scary stuff actually makes me nervous.  I fear going into cardiac arrest and actually dying or something (but what a way to go!)

That's probably why found - footage horror flicks can get to me in ways other horror movies might not; they look like something scary really happening in real time, and that gets under my skin.  It might not surprise you, then, that this movie really managed to creep me out.  Some of the scenes freaked me out, and I'm sure they'll be revisiting me in my dreams.  This movie doesn't seem to have many die-hard fans, but I count myself as one.  It definitely hit my scare button.  If it sounds like something you'll like too, you should check it out.

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