Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Movie Challenge #20: "White Zombie"

So when I was a kid my mom wouldn't let me watch horror movies, but we had this documentary about Haunted Hollywood which told of supposed real-life hauntings on movie sets (and curses and other creepy happenings) and because it was educational she DID let us watch that.  It was full of clips from horror movies, so my brother and I watched it all the time because it was the only way we could get our horror fix.  I watched it so many times that the clips from it are etched into my brain, so I set out to watch all the movies featured in this documentary once I got old enough to watch whatever I want.  The problem is that not all the clips are identified, so I wasn't sure which movies they are from, so I couldn't always track them down. 

Imagine my surprise when this movie featured a scene I remembered from the documentary, a woman dressed in white saying "I see...death" in a haunted voice.  I never knew which movie that scene was from, so I kind of gave up on ever finding it because I'd have to watch tons of movies to do that, but luckily I DO watch tons of horror movies, so I eventually found it.  Turns out that creepy woman dressed in white is engaged to one man but another man loves her, and since they live in Haiti he is willing to make use of the local customs that can turn people into zombies, because he wants this woman to be with him no matter what the cost.  The premise is creepy and sufficiently rape-y for it to wig me out, plus Bela Lugosi's eyes are spooky and mesmerizing, so I enjoyed this movie.

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