Saturday, October 26, 2013

Horror Challenge #65: "The Final Sacrifice"

I think I've watched this movie before in another one of these horror challenges.  That happens to me sometimes, I watch a movie only to discover after starting it that I've watched it before.  In the case of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie that isn't a bad thing, though, because those are fun to watch more than once (it beats watching these crappy movies on their own).  This one actually has a lot of funny comments, which helps, because sometimes the sarcasm here falls flat with these guys, and this movie looks to be horrendous without it.  I mean, why are a bunch of guys in black ski masks running around a small town chasing a kid on a bike (who they can't outrun even when they're in a CAR)?  It's some type of evil plot for a cult to provide a sacrifice to their god so that they can take over the world?  Ok, sure.  The snark saves this one.

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