Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Horror Movie Challenge #40: "Midnight Movie"

So I think I watched this movie for another one of the horror challenges a few years ago (they all start to blur together after awhile) and I remember being severely underwhelmed with it at the time, but this time, I actually kind of liked the movie.  There's some terrible acting on display which probably threw me at the time I watched it back then, but I'm more forgiving of bad acting now, and there's some good acting here, too, which is enough to make up for the wooden line reading of some of the other characters.

This movie is about a creepy killer guy who is in a mental institution because he's obsessed with this horror movie he made, so the doctors at the institution decide to show him the movie (because they're idiots) and bloody mayhem ensues and everyone disappears, with only bloodstains left behind.  Years later, a movie theater is showing the movie in question (um, how in hell did they get their hands on it?  Never mind that, I guess) and soon the events onscreen start to reflect actually killings that take over the theater, where everyone is suddenly trapped and at the hands of a mass murderer.  It's for a lot of good gore and a cool idea, so that was enough to hold my interest, even if the acting at times left a lot to be desired.

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