Friday, October 25, 2013

Horror Challenge #57: "The Possession"

Isn't this poster cool?  This poster for the movie is much cooler than the more famous one that's plastered everywhere.  I don't know why they didn't use this poster more, because I really like it, plus it makes the movie seem a lot more creepy, whereas the more well-known poster for this movie looks like a ripoff of the poster for The Exorcist (and you don't want to invite that comparison when your movie was so obviously inspired by The Exorcist...I don't care if this is supposedly a "true story," they were milking the influence of to "The Exorcist" for all it was worth).  And honestly, for me that wouldn't be so bad, since I'm not a huge fan of The Exorcist (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a terrible person and not a real horror fan, I've heard, but I honestly think that movie is overhyped and praised more than its potboiler of a plot deserves). 

So anyway, this movie is about a young girl whose parents are divorcing, so shes having a rough time already, and she comes across a box that seems to be sealed shut, but it has cool carvings engraved on it, so she's drawn to it, and when she gets the box open she finds lots of trinkets inside, like a carved wooden horse, and an evil spirit.  Neat.  So she starts to change as the spirit takes over her, and her dad takes way too long to realize what's going on, and her mom just blames the dad, and I want to smack them both.  So eventually everyone finally gets on the same page, and they try to exorcise the evil spirit, and it's creepy and cool.  Nothing I haven't seen before, but not a bad way to kill an hour and a half.

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