Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Challenge #25-#36: "American Horror Story: Season 1"

This miniseries pops up with a new theme every year, and the first year was a haunted house story.  Now haunted house stories can be great when they're done well, but they're going to piss me off because they usually have people staying in the damn haunted ass house forever before they even think of leaving, so my suspension of disbelief gets a real workout.  The movie only really work if you care about the family, and I really did like the family in this one.  Like a lot of families in haunted house movies, the family is "haunted" before they ever move into the house.  The husband has had an affair, the wife doesn't trust him, and the teenage daughter is despondent and depressed.  This is a great stew of emotions for the evil house to prey upon, and it certainly does.  Over the course of the installments, we get: a rape by a ghost, a bunch of bloody murders by ghosts, a lot of sick bad parenting, and the worst nosy neighbors you will ever see.  The story is sad and tragic, and the fact that I cared so much about the family involved made it a great viewing experience for me, since I was hooked from the beginning.

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