Sunday, October 27, 2013

Horror Challenge #85: "Scary or Die"

This is another horror anthology, with the individual stories introduced as different videos hosted on a website called (you guessed it) "Scary or Die."  This is a really low-budget movie, so of course the acting is going to be a bit rough and the special effects might leave something to be desired, but after spending a day watching some horror movies that did great, believable things with tiny budgets, I wasn't up to making any excuses for bad moves (or bad movies).  this movie isn't hideously terrible, but really only two of the stories made an impression on me:  the first story (with some good old boys trying to get rid of illegal immigrants their way, until fate has other ideas and they are punished for their crimes in a gruesome way) and the story about an evil clown attacking a man (because really, ew and creepy, clowns freak me out).  The best thing about these kinds of movies, which leads back to the old horror comics "Tales from the Crypt" and the like, is seeing bad people get what's coming to them, and these stories showed that better than the others, in my opinion.  Otherwise this movie is pretty forgettable.

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