Monday, October 7, 2013

Horror Challenge #14: "Pharaoh's Curse"

This is a Mummy movie, and of all the monsters out there, Mummies are the ones I know the least about (even though the first horror novel I ever read when I was a kid, Anne Rice's "The Mummy," was a mummy story) so I've decided to catch up on my Mummy movies this year for the challenge, and Netflix was kind enough to help by recommending this one to me. 

This is your basic science vs. religion (or belief or myth or whatever) with scientists wanting to intrude on the tomb where the Mummy is buried and be the first to discover his secrets.  This particular Mummy serves a cat Goddess, and everyone in the movie is an idiot for not figuring out who she is and what is going on sooner.  None of the characters in this movie are very bright, so of course the ignore the curse and release the Mummy, and then they stick around even while people keep disappearing and getting killed, because the head scientist refuses to give up his quest to be the first to discover the Mummy's secrets.  It's pretty standard monster movie fare, but it wasn't a bad way to kill some time during the challenge, so I enjoyed it.

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