Monday, October 7, 2013

Horror Challenge #18: "The Touch of Satan"

 After the heavy experience of watching two gut-wrenching movies back to back today, I needed something more lighthearted, so I checked out one of what is reputed to be the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, a horror movie called "The Touch of Satan."  The movie is about a young man going on a road trip across the country who stops in a small town, meets a pretty girl, and decides to spend some time on her farm.  Little does he know she isn't who she appears to be. 

One of the things that bothers me about this episode is that this actually could have been a good movie is the filmmakers had put any time into writing the script and working on the plot.  The idea really isn't bad, and the backstory is kind of cool, and the ending would have been a cool twist if it hadn't starred the worst actors in the universe.  That kind of stuff bothers me.  The wisecracking humor is good here, though, and it took the edge off my anger at this wasted opportunity to make a good movie.

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