Saturday, October 26, 2013

Horror challenge #70: "Nosferatu"

This is a great little vampire movie.  I love it for many reasons.  I love it for holding my interest, even though there's no dialogue, and for having the creepiest looking vampire I've ever seen in a movie to this day.  I love it for ripping off Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and getting sued by his estate, because Bram Stoker pretty much stole the idea for "Dracula" from someone else anyway, so he kind of had it coming (I love "Dracula," but it's the truth).  I love this movie for its creepy music, and for introducing the somewhat original idea that the way to defeat the vampire is for the woman he targets to sacrifice her own blood and distract him long enough for him to forget that the sun is coming up to kill him.  So many movies focus on how the vampire seduces the woman, that to see it played the other way around is refreshing (and why this movie can do that and no more modern vampire movies are willing to try that idea is kind of sad).  Don't let the fact that it's a silent film scare you off.  this movie is definitely worth checking out.

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