Sunday, October 27, 2013

Horror Challenge #78: "V/H/S 2"

This is the sequel to the original V/H/S, which I think single-handedly proved that "found-footage" type movies can still be good and original (and there's a lot of stories out there that can carry that concept, if people want to be original and think outside the box).  It's another traditional horror anthology type movie, with a wraparound story that houses several separate horror vignettes.  The concept doesn't drag any here, in fact, I think it might even be better than the original.  For one thing, the wraparound story in this movie actually has a beginning, middle, and end, whereas in the first one, the story just kind of stopped instead of ending.  I also think the stories in this movie might even be better.  There isn't one story I didn't like here, whereas in the original there was one (maybe even two) that I didn't think was as good as the others.  This movie also branches out and tries some new things, like the original movie did, stories that you wouldn't necessarily think would work in a found-footage context.  Just as with the first movie, this movie was pretty nasty and icky and mean, and I loved watching it do its thing.  Bring on V/H/S 3!

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