Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Movie Challenge #19: "The Mummy's Curse"

 So again we have an entry into the Mummy franchise, which is full of approximately hour long movies where a shambling mummy is set free from his tomb by stupid scientists/archeologists who then get picked off one by one until one of them kills him.  I felt kind of bad for the mummy in this movie, though, because while he did a dick things while he was alive (stealing the secret of eternal life) he did it out of love, to bring his lover back from the dead.  Of course this backfires and he is killed for his sins, but he still loves the woman even many years later when he rises from the dead, so he goes out and finds a woman who looks like her to be his mate (enterprising mummy with good problem solving skills).  Of course this ends badly as well, when the woman he kidnaps doesn't want to spend eternity with him, but the look on the Mummy's face when he realizes he won't get to live eternally with his love is kind of heartbreaking.  Poor mummy.  I actually did enjoy this movie.  I might be a convert to the mummy subgenre.

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