Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Horror Movie Challenge #42: "Rubber"

I never know what to say about movies like this.  This is another movie people are raving about, so I watched it, and I can see why people liked it, but mostly all I saw was a filmmaker WAY to impressed with his own cleverness.  The poster seems to indicate that he was in on the joke, and that this movie is not to be  taken too seriously, but I still find myself unimpressed with the "humor" and the annoying "clever" asides, like the audience, and the characters stopping to talk to the audience, and...well, basically everything that people seem to like about this movie just annoyed me.  I feel like it could have been five minutes long and conveyed all its super "brilliant" ideas without wasting an hour and a half of my time.  There, I said it.

So this movie is about (ha ha, what a joke, this movie isn't really "about" anything, but let's pretend) a tire that has psychokinetic powers and can make things blow up.  It starts out with small things, like bottles and cans, moves onto living creatures, and then turns its attentions to people who piss it off (everyone in this movie seems determined to piss off this tire, even after it's clear that pissing it off can lead to death).

So yeah, that's basically it, for an hour and a half.  And there's also a bunch of other things, like an audience watching the events of the movie unfold and offering their critique of what's happening, which is oh so clever, right?  And there's a guy in the beginning who explains how lots of things happen in movies for no reason (even though a bunch of the things he uses as examples are definitely given a reason in the plots of their respective movies) and how THIS movie, the killer tire movie, is an homage to the idea of things happening for no reason, and "blah blah blah look I went to film school and think I'm clever, bow to me and my great filmmaking skills, muah ha ha ha ha."  So yeah, the movie held my interest for the most part, so I can't say it was a total waste, but it definitely thinks it's more clever than it actually is.  Now everyone can tell me I'm not really a horror fan, and I didn't get it, and blah blah blah fart.  Whatever.

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