Friday, October 4, 2013

Horror Challenge #11: Bride Of Frankenstein

The movie poster you see above you is a poster I actually had hanging on my wall for years before my cat tore it down.  I've loved this movie forever, even before I ever saw it, because I read a book about the making o0f this film once when I was a kid and the pictures and the story stuck with me for years afterward.  I've also seen the movie "Gods and Monsters," a fictionalized account of the last days of the filmmaker James Wales who made "Bride of Frankenstein," and seeing that movie makes the story of "Bride of Frankenstein" even more poignant, because it gives me a perspective of what it was like to feel like a hated outsider in society who couldn't trust anyone as a real friend.  That's what surprised me about this movie when I finally saw it, how sad it is.  The monster doesn't want to be a monster, he never asked for this life, and he really just wants to have a friend, someone who accepts him, and thinks it would be better to be dead than to live without that acceptance.  I always tell people that horror movies can teach deeper lessons, and I was glad to see that played out in this movie.  I think I like it more every time I see it, so it will always be a classic to me.

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