Thursday, October 31, 2013

Horror Challenge #96: "Walled In"

This is the first movie of the challenge to give me nightmares.  I kind of predicted that would happen after I saw it, because I'm kind of claustrophobic, and the subject matter of this movie really got under my skin because of that.  It's about a demolitions expert named Samantha who visits a building that is set to be demolished.  The building has a grisly history, because the architect buried people alive within the walls of the building and it was a huge scandal.  The spirits of the building seem to be communicating with Samantha, warning her about some danger, but they're not specific enough to protect her from what's about to happen.

Right at the beginning of the movie a little girl is trapped inside the walls and drowned in cement while she cries for her daddy and screams and begs.  It's horrible to watch, and that's what really got to me about this movie, imagining what it must have been like for those poor people trapped inside the walls of the building.  This is a grisly little movie and it's hard to watch, but I loved it.

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