Monday, October 14, 2013

Horror Movie Challenge #37: "Halloween Night"

This is another one of those "mockbusters" I mentioned in an earlier review, a slew of direct-to-DVD movies released by a studio called The Asylum, which feature titles similar to those of bigger budget movies that are in theaters around the time of their release.  these movies are made purely to cash in on the name recognition of bigger movies, so a lot of people hate them for that.  I tent to find these movies at least tolerable if not enjoyable, because I'm a fan of low-budget horror movies.  this movie was made to cash in on the success of Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake, and it is pretty bad, but there's a lot of fun gore to watch, so it's not a total loss.  In this movie, a young man goes insane after witnessing a rape and murder, and he escapes from an asylum around Halloween to wreak havoc at a Halloween party with a bunch of annoying drunk teenagers.  It's nothing revolutionary and the acting is pretty bad, but I kind of dug it because I like slashers.

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