Monday, October 7, 2013

Horror Challenge #13: "The Invisible Man"

This is one of those movies I've heard about for most of my life, but I've never seen.  It's another one of those "science gets into trouble when it tries to play God" kind of cautionary tale horror movies, like the Frankenstein movies, but the main character in this movie isn't nearly as likable as Dr. Frankenstein.  Even as much of a jerk as he is, Dr. Frankenstein is at least a little sympathetic, whereas I pretty much just wanted to stab this guy.  He's a scientist who invented a formula that can make him invisible, with the downside that it also makes him insane, so he shows up covered in bandages and an overcoat at an old inn at the beginning of the movie, ostensibly to work on a cure for the formula that made him permanently invisible (and also permanently a jerk, as he treats everyone like crap).  After awhile though, he's running around outside naked committing crimes because he knows he can get away with them because no one can see him.  He has a girl at home mourning for him because she loves him, though it's unclear why.  If he was half as much an asshole before he turned invisible, it's hard to imagine anyone falling in love with him.  This movie wasn't as entertaining for me as the other Universal monster movies I've seen, mostly because there weren't any characters for me to root for and I pretty much disliked everyone.

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