Thursday, October 31, 2013

Horror Challenge #91: "Penumbra"

Have you ever watched a movie and then thought "wow, that didn't make sense...I must just be tired or I must have missed something," and then you search around online awhile until you discover that nope, it wasn't just you, the movie just didn't make sense on purpose?  That was me with this movie.  And I guess it makes SOME sense, I mean I understand what happened, I just felt like a lot of details were left out that could have helped the movie be less confusing (but maybe being confusing was the point, I don't know).

So the movie is about a career-driven woman who is planning to sell this apartment she inherited, so she's waiting at the apartment for the prospective tenant to show, and while she's waiting she manages to be such a boitch that she alienates everyone on the block and half the people who live in the building.  So this guy shows up, and thinking he's the prospective buyer, she shows him around, and he tells her his client will pay lots of money for the place, so she has dollar signs in her eyes which block her from seeing that something weird is going on, even as more people show up to the apartment and anyone with half a brain would know something bad is going to happen.  So eventually she finally realizes these people are up to no good, so she tries to stop them, but she's really bad at that, and while all of this drama is playing out, it's almost time for a solar eclipse, which ends up being a great time for occult activities.

We don't ever really learn who the weird people at the apartment ARE, we just see what they eventually DO, which gives us some clues, but I wanted more.  I do appreciate how the woman who owns the apartment is such a horrible person that no one really wants to help her out, and I don't really blame them, either.  There's not much gore, but there is a sense of foreboding and impending doom that kept me on the edge of my seat.  The end is kind of a letdown, but getting there was pretty fun, so I did enjoy this one.

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