Friday, October 25, 2013

Horror Challenge #52: "Cabin in the Woods"

Ok, so I'll be honest here.  When this movie first started, I was pissed off and wanted to turn it off, and the only reason I didn't do that is because it's horror movie month, and I have to watch as many horror movies as possible, even when they're arrogant, pretentious little pieces of shit that think they're smarter than I am.  That's really what this movie seems to be at first (ok, until over halfway through, actually) so I wasn't pleased.  This movie seems to think it's really clever, but I've seen it many times before.  There's one movie going on, the story about the characters we're supposed to actually care about, the ones going to the cabin where they'll probably all get killed, and then there's the OTHER STORY, the SUPER SEEKRIT SMRT ONE behind the scenes where everything is controlled and nothing is as it seems and blah blah blah yawn. 

Yeah, this movie adds some more technical crap trying to be all fancy, but it's essentially the same smarmy crap story I hated when I saw the movie "Identity," or the movie "Funny Games," so I wasn't impressed.  But after awhile, I actually did start to care about the characters who were left, and it turns out the movie actually has a plot, a reason all this is happening besides "haha, we fooled you, we're smarter than you," so in the end it wasn't that bad.  This kind of movie is never going to be my favorite, though.  I happen to LIKE watching movies about people who go to a cabin in the woods and get killed, and that doesn't make me stupid (or a bad person).  Yeah, this movie winds up being good, but it's not for the reasons it THINKS, so yeah, not gonna lie, there are movies I've enjoyed much more this year because they don't THINK they're the smartest movie I've seen this year, and that makes them a lot more fun.

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