Thursday, October 31, 2013

Horror Chalenge #99: "Ghost from the Machine"

This movie got a lot of comparisons to "The Sixth Sense," and I guess I can see why, but it wasn't as suspenseful or as scary as that movie.  Here, a young man is thrown when his parents fie in an accident and he suddenl;y has custody of his preteen brother.  He becomes obsessed with building a machine that will gather electromagnetic energy because he thinks he can possibly bring back the spirits of his dead parents.  Soon, ghosts are coming back all over town, but they don't know they're dead, and they aren't all nice, either.  It turns out that some of the people who used to live in his house did very bad things before they died, and you wouldn't want them coming back to haunt you (especially since the ghosts in this movie are able to take corporeal form and pick up objects and touch people).  The movie is kind of interesting and a little sad, but I wish it could have been better.  It ran on a little long and took forever to get to its point.

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