Saturday, October 26, 2013

Horror challenge #73: "Spiders"

Another reviewer once said that there's only one thing that matters in a giant spider movie.  Everything else can be forgiven, a bad plot, bad acting, bad dialogue, because all that matter is that the giant spiders look cool.  The giant spiders in this movie look pretty CGI-eriffic, but I actually liked the main characters, the estranged husband and wife working on opposite teams in the beginning, investigating a problem in the subway system that winds up involving giant spiders from outer space (dude, I HATE it when that happens).  Once the shit hits the fan, though, the husband and wife band together to help each other and try to save their 12 year old daughter, so I liked them more after that.  The backstory is halfway interesting as well, involving the government trying to create a super weapon with giant spiders.  I said it was interesting, I didn't say it wasn't also stupid and ridiculous.  But hey, spiders freak me out, so I had fun with this one.

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