Friday, October 25, 2013

Horror Challenge #59: "Extracted"

This is a pretty ambitious little movie for having such a low budget, and I'm impressed with how well the filmmakers pull it off with very few special effects, just letting the actors carry the story.  The movie is about a guy who invents a machine that allows us to go inside other people's heads and view their memories.  As you imagine, this could be a big help in catching killers.  The problem is that while testing the machine out for a potential buyer, he gets stuck inside the head of a killer and he can't get out, so he's left in a coma and he has to find out if there's a way back into the world.  It's definitely more original than most creepy killer movies, and the actors manage to pull this one off by inhabiting their characters, which is something even big name actors can't always manage to do.  Color me impressed with this one.

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