Friday, October 25, 2013

Horror Challenge #56: "Blood Runs Cold"

I love me a good slasher movie, and yes, I think this is a good slasher movie, which means I disagree with like, 98% of the other people who've reviewed this movie and said how terrible it is.  I really don't get why so many people hated this movie so much.  It's got some great gore, a character I actually like, a creepy killer, a sense of isolation, and that alone would make me enjoy it since I love slashers so much.  I don't know what those other reviewers were expecting, b ut this movie delivered for me.

It's about a singer who needs some time off to focus and write some songs, so her manager rents her a secluded cabin in a snowy location far away from the city so she can regroup.  He must have given her terrible directions though, because she stumbles across the wrong cabin (and the worst possible one she could have found, since this cabin is home to a creepy killer who likes to have tourists for dinner).  Her first night at the cabin she runs into an old boyfriend at a local bar and invites he and his friends to join her, and they helpfully provide most of the body count for the movie.

I really like the snowy location, which is actually literally chilling for me, and the killer is really creepy, so I dug this movie.  I'll go against everyone else who has seen this movie and tell you that if you like slashers, you might enjoy it.

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