Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Horror Challenge #88: "Pumpkinhead"

I was sick of being disappointed by my movies, so I decided to watch a movie I already knew was good, and I reached for "Pumpkinhead."  I love how this movie poster calls it a "Grim Fairy Tale," because that's how I see it too, only in this movie people get their wishes granted by a demon instead of a genie, and they know it's going to cost them their souls, they just don't care.  Watching it again I was reminded how the teenagers in the beginning were complete assholes even before they drive recklessly and accidentally kill a kid.  They're mocking the kid for wearing big coke bottle glasses, and I'm like "Wow, that's really mature."  The poor kid is only like 9, and he's tiny.  Lance Henrikson plays his father, and the look on his face when he cradles his son's dead body in his arms is both heartbreaking and chilling.  Of course he has nothing to live for and therefore nothing to lose, so when the old witch woman who summons the demon Pumpkinhead warns him that he will damn his soul to hell if he goes through with his revenge, he doesn't care.  It's really a sad cautionary tale that hasn't lost any of the power it has to affect me even after all these years.

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