Friday, October 4, 2013

Horror Challenge #10: 11/11/11 (2011)

Here's the thing about this movie.  All the other reviews I've read spend some time whining that this is one of those "Asylum studio Mockbusters," low-budget direct to DVD movies with titles similar enough to other bigger budget movies in theaters that people watch these "mockbusters" thinking they're watching the studio films, and then get disappointed.  I make no excuses for The Asylum or its tactics of releasing these movies as cash-ins for more popular movies, but I've enjoyed the Asylum movies I've seen, though they're often bad (bad can be fun, you know).  The thing about THIS movie in particular though is that I saw the big budget "11-11-11" that was in theaters, I watched it for last year's horror challenge, in fact, and I HATED it.  I thought it was TERRIBLE.  And when I saw this movie I didn't even know it was an Asylum ripoff until after I watched it, I was just hoping for a low-budget horror flick with the premise of an evil little kid that I could entertain myself with, and this movie delivered that.

So the premise is that this husband and wife move their son (who doesn't speak) to a small town where everyone seems strangely interested in him and his upcoming birthday (he'll turn 11 on November 11th, 11/11...oooh, creepy!)  The old lady next door seems to want the kid dead, but the other neighbors seem to be happy about his arrival, and soon his mother learns she is pregnant and is bedridden with complications, so the kid needs a nanny (enter the evil nanny who is another bad influence on the poor kid).  The movie is silly and a lot of the acting is pretty bad, but it's not much worse than other movies I've seen, and at least it entertained me, whereas the OTHER "11-11-11" just bored me into a coma and pissed me off.  Like with that movie, I knew what was going to happen in this movie, but there was enough creepy kid action to keep me interested.  Yeah, this movie rips off "The Omen" shamelessly, and of course that movie is a million times better than this one, but like I said, I still enjoyed this movie more than the OTHER "11-11-11" and for what it was, a stupid low-budget creepy kid movie, it wasn't as bad as people say it was.

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