Friday, October 25, 2013

Horror Challenge #60: "House of Fears"

I really liked this one.  I expected it to be your average hack-and-slash movie with dumb teenagers in a creepy old house, and to some extent it is (which isn't a bad thing, since I like those kinds of movies) but it manages to cram in a plot and some backstory, which I really appreciated.  So as the movie opens, there's an excavation going on in Africa, and the archeologists find some creepy artifacts, then they disappear.  Another archeologist comes looking for them and finds them all dead.  He escapes, but not before packing a box full of the creepy artifacts, which then wind up at the "House of Fears," a local haunted house type attraction that promises to take people on a tour that forces them to confront their worst fears.  Some teens at a party decide to explore the house after hours, and soon they are being stalked and picked off by their worst fears, and the survivors have to figure out how to escape.

The scenes that depict the worst fears are pretty effective for a low-budget movie, with some of my favorites (a killer clown and a killer scarecrow) making an appearance.  This isn't the best movie ever made or anything, but it was a lot of fun to watch, and it had some creepy moments.

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