Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Horror Movie Challenge #47: "Hollow"

This is one of those movies where I liked the characters, and that made me sad because I knew that bad things were going to happen to them.  It's another "found footage" type movie, this one taking place in a small village where 4 friends are gathering for a weekend getaway in a creepy cottage where one of the girl's grandfather just committed suicide (really people?  You've never watched a horror movie in your lives, have you?)  It turns out that there's folklore surrounding a tree in the village where many young lovers have hung themselves over the years.  Something about an evil spirit in a black cloak, and an evil force within the tree that makes people kill themselves.  It actually works though as it's revealed in this movie piece by piece.  The group of friends staying in the cottage has their share of troubles in the love department, which adds some depth to the story.  It did get kind of depressing, so I sort of wanted to hang myself too by the time it was over, but it was very well done.

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