Monday, October 1, 2012

Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf

I saw the trailer for this movie and of course I had to see it after that. The trailer makes this movie look awesome, but it also kind of makes it look like a werewolf movie, which is pretty misleading, but I think the people making the trailer wanted to make the movie as appealing as possible so lots of people would see it, and it succeeded in compelling ME to see the movie, even though it has some pretty harsh reviews and low ratings out there. This will not be one of those harsh reviews, by the way. Though this movie had about a million flaws and could have been a lot better, it got enough right that I enjoyed myself while watching it, and that's all that I ask.

First of all, this movie isn't a werewolf movie. It's about a serial killer known as "The Wolf" who kills little girls. The main character, a cop named Johnny, saw "The Wolf" kill his little sister when he was a kid and he's been chasing that killer for years. Johnny's wife, Katie, works as a psychotherapist at a maximum security institution for criminally insane patients (you know where this is going, right?) and of course, Johnny catches "The Wolf" and the killer is sent to the prison where Katie works, and Johnny's obsession with getting the killer to confess even though the killer doesn't speak drives a wedge between Johnny and his wife, they get separated, a few years pass, and one day Johnny and his partner go to the prison in order to take another crack on trying to get the killer to confess, and the creepy psychiatrist who runs the prison is there trying to fend off a request from the killer's lawyer to move her client to better accommodations, and some bumbling employees are pissing off the inmates, and a little girl is visiting her grandmother who works at the prison (a little girl visiting in a maximum security prison? Sounds like good parenting to me!) and a snowstorm hits and the power goes out and all hell breaks loose.

The first half of this movie is better than the second, since it has more story, but the gore and action in the second half make up for the lack of good acting and the questionable plot (at least for me). The gore is pretty nasty and icky, which I enjoyed, and the movie tries for a twist which I'd already figured out, but at least it was trying. all in all this isn't anything to write home about, but I found it to be icky fun, and that's all that I ask.

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