Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I wasn't sure what to make of this movie at first.  the opening sequence didn't seem to be connected to the rest of the movie, and I hate it when that happens, but after about twenty minutes or so, I started to get an idea of where the movie was going, and it was fun to watch it get there.  I love slashers, where a group of people are stalked by a killer and picked off one by one until only one (maybe more) remain to fight the killer.  this movie has a slasher who doesn't use the conventional weapons.  this killer uses a gun mostly, but also gets creative with equipment found around the junkyard that is the setting for this story.

In this movie, a group of teens are out drag racing when their car breaks down and they decide to pillage the junkyard in hopes of finding some spare parts to fix it so they can get home.  Soon after entering the junkyard, one of them is seriously injured and it't up to the doting fiance to run the four miles back to town for help.  When he returns with help, his friends have vanished, and the paramedics and cops and our hapless hero must search until they find out what happened.  There happens to be an escaped killer in the area, and that adds to the tension in the movie.

Not everything about this movie is enjoyable, of course.  Some of the acting is questionable, though the leads are all pretty good.  there's some annoying "comic relief" in the form of the token hick who runs the junkyard and isn't as funny as the character probably seemed on paper.  The characters aren't very likable, from the whiny pregnant lady to her boyfriend who keeps calling her fat even though she's six weeks along and still very skinny, to the ex-army ranger hero guy who keeps condescending everyone and calling them stupid until I wanted to bash his face in with a brick.  I did like that the movie tried some twists though, and the kills were creative and the tension was high, and it worked for me.  I'm glad I checked out this wreckage.

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