Friday, October 5, 2012

The Amityville Haunting

This movie is clearly an attempt to cash in on the popularity of "found footage" type movies while beating the dead horse of the Amityville horror franchise. Those movies got more and more ridiculous as they went along, and I thought this one would be terrible, but gave it a chance, figuring "what the hell? I have to try and watch 100 horror movies this month, might as well give this a whirl." In actuality, it does wind up being my favorite of the Amityville sequels, but that's not saying much, because I've hated all the Amityville sequels (part II was great until it turned into a huge pile of shit in the last 30 minutes).

In this movie, teenagers bring a handheld camera into the Amityville house to...well, it's not clear what they're doing, because it's not like they want to document the ghostly happenings or anything, it's more like they want to party, and then there's no reason for a camera to be there, but whatever. Also, it looked like they only had one camera to me, but at one point the camera is in two places at once, so apparently it's a magical camera. Who knew. Anyway, they are dispatched quickly and then never mentioned again, so the opening sequence was a pointless excuse to introduce the idea that the Amityville house is still haunted.

Fast forward a few years (maybe, the movie doesn't say, lazy movie that it is) and a new family moves into the house, and the young son carries around a camera filming everything because...well, because the script said so. Anyway, the daughter of the family soon has a ghostly new imaginary friend, and the dad is hearing demonic voices, and bad things are happening. It's all stuff we've seen before, but the "found footage" aspect keeps it mildly entertaining to me even when it really doesn't make that much sense. It's a serviceable little ghost story movie that doesn't run too long and overstay its welcome, so I didn't mind it, but it's nothing great to write home about or anything.

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