Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Something with Bite (Fear Itself #7)

A small-town veterinarian has a marriage that's falling apart and a job that he used to enjoy that feels like a burden until one day a man comes in dragging a huge animal with him. The man ran over the animal, and the vet tries to save its life, getting bit in the process, but in the end the animal dies, and then a family comes in claiming the animal as their pet and the vet notices strange changes coming over him...all horror fans should recognize this premise. This movie isn't bad, but like a lot of these, it kind of falls flat and fails to capture my interest. It tries to be funny and it tries to be scary and it tries to have a twist ending, but mostly it's kind of boring and feels much longer than an hour. There are some great creature effects near the end, but that's about it.

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