Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super 8

This movie rocked. I kind of knew it was going to rock, since I've wanted to see it since I first saw the teaser trailers before it was released in theaters, but when I bought the DVD I wanted to save it for horror month to get the full experience out of watching these kids experiencing a scary movie coming to life around them. The idea of a rambunctious group of kids wreaking havoc in their small town and trying to film a zombie movie appealed to me right away because my friends and I would totally have done the same thing when we were kids. We didn't have access to a camera, but we ran around inventing horror stories and trying to scare each other, so I can totally see us in the roles of the kids in this movie.

The plot is pretty simple at first: a group of troublemaking friends (troublemaking in the fun way, not the juvenile delinquent way) are making a monster movie in their spare time when one night something terrible happens and they manage to catch it on film. Trying to discover what's behind the creepy incident, they investigate, while the military takes over their town and tries to get control of the situation. I always saw the military as the bad guys when I was a kid, too (I blame E.T. for that) so this kind of plot was right up my alley. I like how the movie does a "slow build" to the action, too. No one mysteriously figures everything out too quickly and does an infodump all over us explaining what's going on (my biggest pet peeves with movies like this when characters figure everything out too quickly). This was just good fun from start to finish, and it's exactly the kind of movie I needed to see today.

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