Saturday, October 27, 2012

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 19: Jump the Shark

Where the title of the last episode was cute, the title of this episode irritated me.  For those who don't know, "jump the shark" is a term used for the point at which a TV series becomes so bad it's beyond salvation and should just be canceled.  This convention got its name from a point during the TV series "Happy Days" when a water-skiing Fonzie jumped over a shark.  The saying annoys me because people overuse it for whenever they think a show is beyond help, usually a point at which I still like the show, and also because come on, "Happy Days" had become worthless LONG before Fonzie jumped a shark.  It's a term elitist nerds use to justify their opinions, so it bugs me.  I suppose though that the creators of the show "Supernatural" are aware that people bitch that the show "jumped the shark" in season 4 (though people say that about every's what people DO, they bitch about everything) and they want to poke fun at the conventions of what a dying show can do to renew viewer interest, such as attempt to introduce a new heretofore unknown family member, which is what this episode does as Sam and Dean find out they have a little brother they never knew about.  For the record, I enjoyed this episode and do not think that the show "jumped the shark" here.  It's a creepy little story and while having a new little brother shoehorned into the story is always kind of annoying, I think it's done well here and the backstory is plausible, so I had fun watching this episode.

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