Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spirit Box (Fear Itself #11)

I liked this movie, but I like director Rob Schmidt, so I expected to like it. This is more of a "teen horror" story, and it reminded me a lot of the old "Are You Afraid of the Dark" series of scary stories that used to air on Nickelodeon. That isn't meant as an insult, either. I loved that show and this movie took me back to the fun I used to have watching it. Two teenage girls spend their Halloween night hanging out and eating pizza. they decide to make their empty pizza box into a "Spirit Box" to try and communicate with the dead (think a cheap ass version of a Ouija board). They hold a seance and connect with the spirit of a young girl from their school who supposedly committed suicide a year before. The girl tells them that she was actually murdered and they set out to find her killer. I figured out the twist for this one, but it's still a fun watch, with some cool ghostly effects, so it was worth a watch for me. Anna Kendrick is great as the lead character, Shelby, and Martin Donovan shows up as her overprotective police officer father. Well worth checking out if you're a fan of teen horror flicks like this.

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