Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eater (Fear Itself #1)

"Fear Itself" brought little one-hour horror movies of the week to TV, and as with any such venture, the movies themselves were hit and miss. this one is a bit of both. It starts ok, with a serial killer who ate his victims being brought into captivity to spend the night in a local jail cell before being transported to a prison. The jail will have a skeleton crew (hee hee hee) that night because it's a small staff, so three police officers will be there to keep an eye on the killer, who keeps chanting mysteriously (so we the viewers know he's up to something). The three police officers have some drama going on between them. One is a young female rookie and the other two are seasoned male officers who don't necessarily respect her, so there's strife going on right from the beginning. The setting is creepy too, since it's a rickety old police station house with a rat problem and a snowstorm blowing outside. There's nothing terribly WRONG with this movie. The acting is ok, it has a decent amount of gore. It just kind of falls flat, though the ending was really good. Worth checking out.

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