Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paranormal Activity 2

This is the installment of the movie that everyone seems to hate the most.  A lot of people called it stupid after it came out, and I bought it when it was released on DVD but waited like 6 months to watch it.  Partly I was scared it would terrify me as much as the original had, and partly because I was scared it would bore me to tears and make me regret buying it.  I watched it for the first time last Halloween before seeing part 3, and I remember liking it, but thinking it was a lot of filler in between parts 1 and 3 (which is how a lot of second movies are, honestly) and not thinking it was really scary.  I popped it in tonight wondering how I would see it now knowing a lot more of the story than I did when I saw it last year.

In this movie, the events take place before the events of the movie (and a little bit during, and a little bit directly after).  Kristi, Katie's little sister, is married to a man with a teenage daughter from a previous marriage, and she and he have just welcomed a new baby boy, so of course they're taking lots of video to document his first weeks with them.  Then something bad happens, their house is burgled one night when they are gone, and the father installs six security cameras around the house to catch any more nighttime predators in the act (I presume he installs alarms and stuff too, because just installing cameras doesn't make much sense, but whatever).  The cameras start to pick up more than just household happenings, though.  Something bad seems to be in the house, and as the paranormal events get worse and worse, the family has to make a terrifying decision about what to do to fight back.

More than this movie just being filler in between the first and third movies, I noticed tonight that a whole lot of nothing happens in this movie, and that might be part of why people don't like it very much.  This movie is 12 minutes longer than the original film, and there are definitely lots of scenes that could have been cut.  There are so many shots showing that nothing is happening outside, yep, the yard is still quiet, and I don't get why those shots are there.  We don't want to see NOTHING happen, you dildobrains, we want to see SOMETHING happen, something scary.  Maybe this was supposed to build tension or something, but it mostly got real boring, real quick.

Also the characters in this movie are kind of unlikable.  Ok, mostly just the dad.  I understand that he has to make a tough choice near the end, but what he decides to do is just plain terrible, and seriously, how did he think nothing bad was going to happen to HIM as a result of his decision?  You can't just do evil shit like that and expect no bad repercussions to come back to bite you in the ass.  Even if you don't believe in karma, you need to have more common sense than that, because "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" comes from science, not the supernatural, you tool.  Also, he annoyed me because he kept whining that he didn't believe in anything supernatural, even after confronted with truckloads of evidence, until I just wanted to stab him.  Plus they have a nanny who advises them about the occult, but she could see enough into the supernatural to see what they had to do, yet not enough to warn them about what might happen as a result?  You suck at this, lady.  Jeeze.

The movie had some good chill scenes.  There were actually some scenes that startled me, even though I knew they were coming because I remembered them from seeing them last time.  Plus there were a few scenes, like the Ouija board scene, that I totally didn't remember from last year.  This movie isn't all bad, but it does pale in comparison to parts 1 and 3.  I still liked it enough to appreciate watching it tonight, though.  Now let's see if I ever sleep again after watching 4 of these movies in one night.  Nighty-nightmares!

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