Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Years Day (Fear Itself #8)

This was by FAR my favorite of these movies. A woman wakes up hungover from a night of hard partying on New Year's Eve to find the city around her in chaos. Sirens are wailing in the background, alarms are going off, and news reports of a chemical spill and explosion at a local plant have everyone in a panic. Details are sketchy, but they come to us in bits and pieces, and it seems that the chemicals that spilled have the ability to alter human DNA. Neighbors in the woman's apartment building are acting strangely, walking into walls and wailing incoherently, and there is blood and bloodied bodies everywhere. The woman can't find her roommate, though there are bloodstains all over his room, and she can't get hold of her boyfriend on the phone, though her friend tries to call her and the phone connection is spotty and we can't really understand what is being said.

Essentially, the woman went to sleep and woke up at the end of the world, and the chemical spill has turned everyone into zombies all around her, and she can't remember what happened at the party the night before, so everything is fed to us in flashbacks as she tries to navigate the streets of the city and get to her boyfriend's apartment and see if he's ok. The choppy camerawork keeps the viewer disoriented and not really sure of what's going on. I thought I had the twist figured out and I was right, but the movie had me off base enough so I wasn't sure, and the plot is a great one even if you do figure out what's going on. The acting is good here, and the story actually delivers some real emotion, which is nice to see.

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