Tuesday, October 16, 2012


LMFAO at the tagline for this movie!  "Take the stairs"!  HAHAHAHAHA!  Too bad everyone here is going to the 51st floor of a building, oh yeah, take the fucking stairs!  Would have been good advice in this case, though, I guess.  Except there's a lady on this elevator with arthritis, there's a pregnant lady, there's a ten-year-old girl, you get the idea.  what I'm saying is that there's an abundance of different people on this elevator, and while the OTHER movie I watched for this challenge with people stuck in an elevator worked with only three people, I appreciated the added drama of having so many different personalities that get to clash as time goes by here.  I'd hate to be trapped in an elevator with anyone, and these people display all the terror ans annoyance and frustration and everything I'd go through if I were in their situation, and I was moved by getting to see it.  I was never bored with this movie, I'll say that much.  A taut little suspenseful ride that at an hour and twenty minutes doesn't overstay its welcome.  Worth checking out.

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