Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skin and Bones (Fear Itself #9)

This is another one of those stories where I figured out what was going on as soon as the movie started, so I thought it was going to be really boring, but it surprised me. I was pissed at the stupid characters for taking so damn long to figure out that something bad was happening, but I felt bad for them at the same time because it was a pretty horrible situation to be in. A rancher leaves with a party of hunters and they all get lost in the woods during a storm. Ten days later, there's been no sign of them. the rancher's wife and two kids are worried sick, and his brother, who stays behind to run the ranch, is pissed that his brother took such a risk and might be gone forever. Then a search party finds the rancher, emaciated and frostbitten, and brings him home to recover, but the creature occupying that sickbed bears little resemblance to the husband, father, and brother the family once knew. I'd seen this legend done before in other stories, but this one handles it well and throws in some family drama to keep things interesting. It ends kind of abruptly, but the ending is fitting, and the story mostly works for me.

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