Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baby Shower

This movie is sick and fucked up.  I mean seriously.  I knew it was going to be a slasher, and with a pregnant woman in the cast, I figured it would probably be pretty grueling whatever happened, but I didn't expect THIS.  The movie "Inside" is another movie with a pregnant woman and a lot of grueling bloodshed, but the killer in this movie makes the psycho in "Inside" look like captain of the Sane Parade.  Holy crap this movie was MESSED UP.

This movie starts off with a pregnant woman running through the woods begging someone to stop, then she falls, then we cut to an earlier time when she's in some kind of prayer meeting/Lamaze class with a bunch of her hippie looking neighbors.  Turns out she's recently converted to some kind of earthy religion and lives in a semi-commune and plans to have a home birth.  I know a few people who've had home births so this didn't seem all that out of the ordinary to me, but the other people in her "commune" set off my squick bells pretty early on and I figured they might play a part in whatever scary stuff happened later on.  I actually suspected everyone onscreen, even the pregnant woman herself, as it quickly turns out that she's summoned some of her closest friends later that day to her home to have a baby shower that turns out to be a ruse set up for her to confront them about a secret they are keeping from her.  Since this all takes place out in the boonies there's no cell reception, so as the group gets separated by a big fight, one by one bad things start happening to them and soon it's clear that someone wants to punish this group of friends for their sins.

This movie is pretty violent, and for me to say that it must be pretty bad, since I watch a lot of violent movies and this one had me cringing.  It's just so NUTS, the explanation behind the killings and what's going on is so out there.  I did appreciate that everyone is a pretty good actor here, and once the carnage starts, the women don't shrink away from violence and run into the woods and break their high heel and go down flailing, they actually fight back and things get pretty bloody.  One scene even got me because I thought one thing was going to happen (and I was pretty pissed at how insulting it was) and then it turned around into something else entirely different from what I expected, and I was proud of the chick who pulled a fast one even on me.  Good thinking, sister.  Of course the characters are kind of unlikable, but that doesn't mean I wanted them to be tortured and killed, so I could still root for them to make it.  The movie is weird and incoherent at times, but it's a bloody and violent and exciting ride, so I enjoyed it.

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