Monday, October 22, 2012


A few years ago, everyone was talking about this movie.  I saw the cover and it looked like one of those terrible Sy-Fy original movies, but everyone I knew who saw this movie said that it was good and told me that I should see it.  all I knew about it was that it was about a man who hunter trolls (oh yeah, Trolls are real, by the way) and that it was creepy and good.  I'm glad I didn't know any more, because honestly, that premise sounds silly enough without knowing the details of this movie which make it sound even stupider.  Seriously, this movie has to be seen to be believed, and a lot of what happens would sound fucking ridiculous if I described it to you, until you see it in the grainy handheld camera footage in this movie, which makes it look creepy and real.

We've all seen way too many found-footage type movies lately (or at least I have).  these are movies where supposedly a crew of people go out intending to film an encounter with something supernatural (or they go out intending to film something else and instead they stumble on something supernatural) and the footage they leave behind is found at some later date and edited into a movie for our viewing enjoyment.  I tend to enjoy these movies, but the premise of this one sounded too silly even for me, so I was skeptical.  I have to say though that this movie won me over.  The cast does a good job portraying a bunch of people who are skeptical too until they encounter proof that they can't ignore, and except for the blond woman who sneers and mocks people so much that I wanted to punch her smug face, I liked the characters.  The titular trolls are actually creepy when viewed through the footage in this movie, the story is halfway decent, and the ending is great.  Overall, this movie is well worth checking out, even if it sounds silly at first.  Give it a chance.

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