Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There are a plethora of "young girl possessed by demons" movies floating around in the ether, and we have the popularity of "The Exorcist" to thank for all the little copycats, but I tend to enjoy the newer exorcism movies, so I wanted to give this one a chance (even though the reviews for it are pretty bad). It's definitely not perfect, but it was worth checking out. Demons and demonic possession have always interested me, and it''s compelling watching families fall apart when one of their kids starts acting all evil (moreso than is regular for teenagers, I mean).

In this movie, the lead character, Emma, has pretty strict parents who insist on homeschooling she and her brother and barely letting her out of the house, except to see family. Emma doesn't have any friends except for her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend, and she spends a lot of time with her uncle, who is a Priest (a Priest who got a reprimand for attempting to exorcise a demon from a teenage girl who later died). Great family, huh? The movie is a little jumbled and it jumps back and forth in time a bit, so sometimes it's difficult to tell what we're seeing, but everything is explained when we learn the nature of Emma's possession near the end of the movie. The film tries a few plot twists, too, and they mostly hold up. It's pretty dark and grim, and I appreciate that the filmmakers were willing to go there for the sake of the story. The movie isn't perfect, like I said, but I enjoyed it and would even be willing to watch it again.

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